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khushi_icons's Journal

Khushi`s Icons
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banner picture credit goes to tasha from premade_ljs



[oo1] Comment with specifics. "Taking a bunch" or "took many" are very annoying phrases and they don't help the icon-maker deduce what is most preferred by the members.

[oo2] Credit on bases isn't necessary because its a simply crop-and-resize job hence, I don't bother asking for it. Credit on icons is usually asked for the sake of promotion. So please help this community grow and credit my icons.

[oo3] All icons and bases are sharable, unless the member asks for a personal icon. Only bases are customizable. Non-text icons are not bases.

[oo4] No hotlinking. I paid for my photobucket bandwidth myself hence, unless you're going to pay me something, don't use my server. Save the icons to your computer and then upload it to your own hosting site.

[oo5] For searching on specific topics, you can check the memories or the tags. If you don't see what you like, you can request them, but only do so in the request post and nowhere else. Be sure to read everything listed.

[oo6] Icons can be critiqued here. Please read the whole entry before commenting.

[oo7] Do not ask for posting access. If we need more icon-makers we will make a post saying so. If not, don't bother asking. You will be denied.

[oo8] Don't start drama. We, the icon-makers, have lives too, so just because your request took too long or contest banners aren't posted up, it doesn't mean we forgot you. Just be patient. And handle problems with maturity.


how to credit



Khushi ~ iikhushi86ii
Rani ~ icon_candii
Maggie ~ bases_by_maggie
Lisa ~ anithradia
Kriti ~ narwen_almiriel



For brushes/textures
100x100_brushes . crushedviolent . _joni . meleada . dj43 . ohfreckle . rxyangl . neke . wonderland__ . crumblingwalls

For bases/screencaps
Gettyimages . Corbis . Workbook . AgeFotostock . foto_decadent . basicbases . simplybases . obsessiveicons . acidicicons . cap_it



acidicicons . amillionicons . amillionlayouts . animal_contest . basic_icontest . basicbases . brokenroad__ . fooish_icons . icon_goddess . icons_4_him . iconinspiration . infinite_icons . ipromo . lady_tron . lyricsforicons . muzzmakesabase . obsessive100 . obsessivefonts . obsessiveicons . raptureicons . resourcelove . skellicons . simplybases . subjunctively . tolly_icons . ibk_designs

If you'd like us to be affiliated with your own graphics community, leave a comment here.



You're more than welcome to use these buttons if you would like to link me on your own info page.

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