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Blue/purple colour bases

Okay, these were promised a LONG time ago, regarding the poll I put up about a month ago, I believe? And I'm finally done now. Whew.

If only I wasn't so busy with schoolwork, I would be posting more often, but I'm so sorry for those who miss me. ;.; Happy belated Halloween to everyone from yesterday, and Happy All Saints' Day for today! ^^

Also, specifics are needed, please. That rule hasn't changed. ;)


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Linked-back icons: autumn

So I think I do this every year. Should I have a set of icons from the past that I would really like to show off more, I would put up a post linking back to that entry rather than pasting all the icons all over again.

Here are my autumn bases! The best time of the year to put them up, apparently. Just to let you know... since there are over 500 bases on that entry, the entry itself is friends-only. While, yes, I can just unlock it, I've had problems with hotlinkers before and its so much easier to change links in shorter posts rather than huge sets like that, so.. sorry. The entry is going to stay friends-locked.

All YOU have to do is just join the community rather just simply watch it. It's not necessary, but it might be if you want to see this post... along with Maggie's posts since almost all her entries are friends-only.


( Everyone must take time to sit and watch the leaves turn )
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Yet another poll

So, working on the seven deadly sins icons according to the last poll that had won the most popular votes. Next up would mostly like be the colour bases, unless the other choices end up beating it the last minute.

Whatever the case is, I'll be getting to it eventually anyway. So best to make a poll on the more popular colours. If you'll see, the colours are not separated because really, if they were separated, I wouldn't be finished till next year. e.e So I've grouped together most of the colours that are seen merged together in most pictures like blue/purple.

I might get to all of them eventually, but for now, it'll just be the top 2 (or even the third if I can finish these before midterms).

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The last poll is still open for anyone who still hasn't voted.
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Another non-icon post from me.. sorries!

I've been keeping my eye on the poll. I've started on the more popular one although of course its taking me some time. Much love to everyone who's still with the community despite my sporadic icon entries! ♥

This post, however, is just a little shameless promotion! I've just joined themed_lims considerings it being restarted with a new owner and everything. So far we have 12 icon-makers participating and they need a total of 20 to start!

So any icon-makers wishing to join would be more than welcome to! :)



Really sorry I've not posted here in so long, guys. I'm just not online as much as I used to be. These were made some time ago, but hopefully they're new to most of you.

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Customization is fine.
Comments make my day.
Credit helps the community grow.
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I have ideas! :O

Many many ideas! Unfortunately, each one is going to go painstakingly slowly considering I am now in my hardest year of pharmacy school ever. (Over 200 pages to memorize already when its only been Day 5! And a whole lot more is to come!) Do you know what that means? Eventually I'll be doing an icon post of every medication out there. ;D Hey, it might help!

But anyway! Since I can't exactly flood the community seven times a week, I think I'll have to prioritize what icon project I get done based on what people want to see! Here are some projects that I am definitely going to get into but would go in order of preference according to what you want. And then there will be a box down there for any other ideas you all might have. ^^

Note: Should it ever be suggested, I will be lenient on some types of insect bases, but mind you... I will not make ceramic-doll/ventriloquist-dummy bases. You'll have to get it from someplace else, because those things frighten me.

And one last thing... you can pick more than one!

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KIcontest #12 Winners

I think I was fairly disappointed to see that not many people entered this one, so the award banners were not up to par on what I usually make. I'm so sorry, I should have put more into them. :( But anyway, here are the icons and the few participants... and those who did participate.. thank you! :)

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And as summer vacations slowly come to an end, Khushi is frantic to get in as many icons as possible. Sigh. But anyhoo. A friend requested these and I was surprised that I didn't have any kitten bases so I decided to make them. Prepare to squee like mad.

You know the drill. Comment with specifics and not hotlinking!


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