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Hey, everyone

I'm still alive.. rest assured. ;)

I know I have the interest meme to do and several base sets that still need to go up. I've just been hit with real life and I keep getting sidetracked but I will get to everything, I promise!

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All Dogs Go To Heaven

Words cannot describe how much I love this movie. It was like.. the best animated movie I had ever seen in my childhood, and everytime I watch it, I'm shedding tears in the end. Of course, when I saw that there were caps up in dj_capslock, I had to nab them!

So, darlings.. 65 icons of the cutest movie ever. Comment with specifics and credit is optional!


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Lyrical icon suggestions!

Hey, darlings! Happy Summer and Happy belated Independence Day! FYI, the interest meme is still going on so comment in there if you haven't yet!

I'm going to be making some lyrical icons soon and for that, I have a community I made a while back called lyricsforicons. It's been inactive, yes, but I'm hoping to start it up again. I know people have certain lyrics they would love to see... well, instead of posting them in comments here, which the entries can eventually get lost... journal that community and post them there! :)

It's not only for suggesters but also for also for any other icon-makers that are looking for inspiration.

Right now, I would definitely love more ideas posted there since I'll be making more icons soon.
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Interest Meme #5

Yes. Time for another! As summer approaches and I have way too much time on my hands. ;D

Here's the thing.... we have over 500 members. I want over 500 replies! That means.. if you know any inactive members, poke them and let them know about this. There are a couple of rules you'll have to go through, even though I know my older members know of this.

- Each user comments ONCE. That's it. Whether you get more than one icon depends on the designers, but YOU (or more specifically, your account) only replies ONCE.
- You do NOT get to choose which interest we'll use for the icons. That's the beauty of it. Its a surprise.
- You have to have at least 10 non-fandom interests listed in your userinfo. While I would choose a fandom interest to make icons of, the mods don't follow every fandom out there. So stuff like "cats", "blue skies" or "doorways" are always awesome. :)

That's about it, but if something else comes up, I'll note it down. Kay, post away!
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Ideas, contests, and such

1. KI just turned three years old this past Sunday. :D And I'm aiming for another big icon post. So, for that set, I'd to hear what sort of icons people want to see!

2. There was a contest I had posted up back in December that barely had any replies, and it involved candles. I would very much love to complete that. So I'll have it open for about another week, to anyone who wants to enter it. (Pretty please? *makes puppy eyes*)

3. A new interest meme will be coming up soon, darlings. So keep your eyes out for it! I need to bring life back to this community so that would be a very good start.

4. I say this periodically, so I'll say it once again, just so Maggie is getting the views she deserves... if you're only watching this community, there are chances that you have missed Maggie's awesome icon posts (to link to a few). They're all friends-only as due to her own personal preference so in order to view them, you'll have to JOIN the community via that at the top of the profile page. :)

5. I could have sworn there was a #5. I'll probably remember later on and fill this one up then.
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Set 42

I was utterly shocked -- shocked, I tell you! -- to see that the last time I had put up my Totally Random Base Set was eleven months ago! :O Needless to say, I realized I needed to post newer bases now and get myself more active here. I just have finals approached but after that I know I'll definitely be free to add more! So for now, enjoy a much-awaited set 42.


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