January 14th, 2010

stock - black dress and converses

Woo, over 1000 members!

When this happened, I don't even know but that gives me the warm fuzzies inside. :D So as a treat for you all, I made up a 100-random-icon set.

So I haven't been on here for a while. In between then and now I've looked over some of my icons, and saw how, well, compressed photobucket turned them and that just annoyed me and made me lose motivation for any icon at all. >> But I started giving it a whirl again, and thought of changing the style from one-pixel border to... borderless!

You may have seen some of these before already from the other random base sets... worry not, for I am re-doing the random sets. In PNG format, even, so the pictures remain crisp and clear.

Let me know if you prefer borderless or one-pixel border. Well, let me know any sort of feedback on these! :D

Images are from Gettyimages or Agefotostock. Just credit me for icon #88 because that was from a photograph taken by myself. :)

Please comment with specifics! I like to know which ones are more popular, so I make more of those.


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