June 5th, 2009

stock - black dress and converses

A little late on this but...

So, uh.. remember the base meme from, oh, 2007? Well, someone finally got around to finishing that! And I know there's an interest meme that has yet to be completed too. That's next on my list. Slowly and surely, we're getting there.

Expect some other stuff soon as well, such as those challenge icons I promised a few days ago. And some Charmed icons to come too made especially for iepisode. Keep in mind, that it might be a little slow, because my summer classes have started (and learning Spanish 2 within a month is killer, I tell you.. I'm already confused over preterites).

For the meme, the total was about 180 bases on various topics. They were posted in the comments but I figured I should post one here so everyone has a chance at nabbing!

The rules imply, of course. No need for credit, but comments are love and comments of SPECIFIC icons and even bigger love. :)

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