May 20th, 2009

stock - ballet dancer in blue

Linking-back post

I have quite a few projects to get through and I know they're going to take a while, so I figured that in order to not keep you all waiting, I'll link back to a bunch of my previous sets. I know many of my older members probably have seen these before already but I'd love for newer folks to see as well!

Comment, of course, when you take any, but please comment 1. with specifics and 2. in the original posts themselves!

NOTE: These posts are f-locked because we here having issues with hotlinkers. Just join the community (rather than just watching it) if you'd like to view them. :)


( Fake cut; bases of ambiance )


( Fake cut; spiral-concept bases )


( Fake cut; carnival mask bases )


( Fake cut; bases of scenes of tranquility )