January 30th, 2007

stock - black dress and converses

Because she's feeling super generous lately...

A little gift from me to you.. and you means everyone. Everyone = members AND the other mods.

I'm a base-loving freak, hence this is going to restricted to only bases. Please don't ask for icons. There's an icon request post if you really really want an icon on something.

First 10 comments... get 10 bases made on any one theme.
Next 11-20 comments ... get 5 bases made on any one theme.
Next 21-30 coments ... get 3 bases made on any one theme.

Only I will be bearing gifts here, hence, fellow mods, you are free to ask for a gift too. :) And please, do not pick a theme that's too abstract. The more materialistic or specific, the better. Post away! I'll get started on these when I come back from work.