May 19th, 2006

stock - black dress and converses

New to the community: Icon Critiquing

I've finally succumbed to yet another handy addition to many other icon communities. KI will now offer advise and criticism to any icons you have made and you wish to share. There's just a few dos and donts you'll have to follow before commenting.. starting with the negatives first.

-Do not post anything that can be offensive to anyone. Sure, if you want to criticize pro-lifers, I or some other people may find it funny, but not everyone will. So stay away from anything like that.
-Do not post anything at all here if you can't handle criticism. Can't speak for the others, but normally, I don't sugar-coat. Also.. you're asking on your own will, so if you're going to get pissy, then.. that would be a perplexing situation
-Do not post fandom icons... please, don't. While I may make fandom bases, but I don't make the icons.. and sometimes, there might be something we don't like, and the critiquing won't be as efficient. So its better if you don't use fandom at alll.
-Do not spam. That's annoying. If you have more than one icon you want to critique, its perfectly fine to put them all in ONE comment. More comments make it look like more work, and we'd be less inclined to say anything.

-Do try to take our advice into consideration. You are completely free to listen or ignore, but even a small "thanks" would make us feel better.. and let us know that you have read our replies. Our effort won't seem completely wasted.
-Do remember to include which program you used, and also remember that if its a program no mod here has, we may direct you to someplace else like icon_tutorial. We're not all-knowing, so please, bare with us if we can't help you enough.
-Do tell us if the icon you are critiquing is going to be used for a KIcontest (or any contest at all) so we know to keep it screened. All contest entries will be screened, knowing that in any other community, the mods would prefer you don't make the icon public. It'll stay private.
-Do include the words "critique me now!" in the subject line so I'll know you read the rules.

IMPORTANT: All comments are screened. If you don't tell us that your icon is a contest entry and we critique it, you won't be allowed to use it for the contest, since it'll become public once we reply!

Yes, you ARE allowed to get your icon critiqued before using it for a contest entry. But please note... getting your icon critiqued will NOT guarantee that you'll win an award! The voting is based solely on members' likings and the judges have their own personal reasons. This post is only here to aid you in icon-making. :)