Khushi (iikhushi86ii) wrote in khushi_icons,

Everything on my dinner plate

I'm bursting with ideas when I really should be doing other things, but hey, that's the power that procrastination has over you!

So I'm trying to write down all the ideas and projects and to-dos just so I can get a feel of how much I want to do and when. Also, it's helpful that you know what's coming up as well. And finally, if you have better ideas for me to consider, I'd so appreciate some as well.

One of the ideas I've listed is "definitions". Usually I just pick any bunch of words that I like. But if there are specific ones you'd love to see, just comment and let me know! :D

Bases - cats
Bases - choices
Bases - disguises
Bases - dogs
Bases - reflections
Icons - challenge icons
Icons - Charmed
Icons - definitions
Icons - interest meme
Icons - lyrics
Icons - textless
Tags: icon/base suggestions, lists
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