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Icon challenges

Seeing as I'm trying to build up my iconing skills again, I decided I'm going to throw out an entry on ideas for icon challenges. No, this isn't like my other GIMME-YOUR-IDEAS post. This will be one in which I will making ten icons of certain challenges you comment with.

Now, considering I'm still in school, it's April and my finals have YET to arrive but they will, I won't be able to get to all of them at once, but I'll do my best.

Other designers, you're more than welcome to nab some and make them yourself!

As far as ideas go, since there's tons of people on this community, let's not go overboard with ideas otherwise, I'll be making icons for the next 10 years. ;D Two or three ideas per person sounds about good.
- General subjects like "books", "pink stuff", "candles" is nice.
- Abstract ideas like "proverbs", "favorite movies", "random stuff you keep around the house", "humor" is also very nice and would probably be a slightly bigger challenge than one above.
- Specifics like "rabbit eating carrots while standing on its hind legs" or anything else.. err, let's steer clear from that, kay?

:D Happy commenting!
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