Khushi (iikhushi86ii) wrote in khushi_icons,

Ideas, contests, and such

1. KI just turned three years old this past Sunday. :D And I'm aiming for another big icon post. So, for that set, I'd to hear what sort of icons people want to see!

2. There was a contest I had posted up back in December that barely had any replies, and it involved candles. I would very much love to complete that. So I'll have it open for about another week, to anyone who wants to enter it. (Pretty please? *makes puppy eyes*)

3. A new interest meme will be coming up soon, darlings. So keep your eyes out for it! I need to bring life back to this community so that would be a very good start.

4. I say this periodically, so I'll say it once again, just so Maggie is getting the views she deserves... if you're only watching this community, there are chances that you have missed Maggie's awesome icon posts (to link to a few). They're all friends-only as due to her own personal preference so in order to view them, you'll have to JOIN the community via that at the top of the profile page. :)

5. I could have sworn there was a #5. I'll probably remember later on and fill this one up then.
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