Khushi (iikhushi86ii) wrote in khushi_icons,

KIcontest #12

This contest's theme: Candles

Yes, return of the KIcontests! I really miss doing these and I hope that we have more participants this year! Basically.. your icons have to feature candles! I know its the holiday season.. if you want to throw on holiday-related candles, that would be awesome. If its totally unrelated to holidays, that is also acceptable! Yup. Get creative as you want. Textless is acceptable as well as picture+text. And remember... you are allowed at most, two icons. If you want to go for one, that's fine too. :)

Deadline: Wednesday, December 26th

- Icons will be posted in THIS ENTRY. All comments are screened
- For the contest guidelines, go here.
- If you want your icon critiqued first, post it here but let us know its a contest entry, please.
Tags: icontests
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