Khushi (iikhushi86ii) wrote in khushi_icons,

What is to come...

I have not forgotten you all! I just have a lot of icon projects that are currently in the process (can you tell the first one is going to be big?) along with schoolwork so its going to take time. And yes, I am referring to the poll that you all had voted on about two months ago.

B&W bases
Thunderstorm/Lightning bases
Bizarre Things bases
Reflections bases
One-word Hidden-text icon
Definition (-isms) icons
Decisions bases
Disguises bases
Goo Goo Doll lyrical icons
Michelle Branch lyrical icons
Prescriptions/pharmacies bases
Bugs Bunny icons

The rest of the suggestions will be be looked at once I'm through with these (you can still fill out the suggestions part if you'd like). :)
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