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I come bearing apology gifts!

Hey, guys! Remember me? I pop in here twice a year and every time, I mention I'll be around and then I only post about 3 or 4 times before I disappear again... remember?

Yeah. So sorry about that. School and work basically binds me so much that when I do have free time for myself, my muse has been completely zapped. This is me trying again. (And I will likely keep trying again every few months. :P)

SO! As an apology for disappearing and in the spirit of the holidays, I bring you a interest slash gift meme from me to you! Other icon-makers, you are more than welcome to make icons for your own enjoyment as well! I'll still be making icons for everyone. ;D

Before commenting here, make sure you have at least 10 interests listed on your profile so we can choose anything for your icon.
stock - black dress and converses

Heart bases

Keeping up with the borderless bases. I'm pretty sure I'm going to stick with borderless from now on. If anyone wants me to add a border to any of them, let me know and I'll do any for you. :)

Comment, like always, with specifics, please! Credit isn't necessary but if you must, mention the community. These were all nabbed from Getty.


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Woo, over 1000 members!

When this happened, I don't even know but that gives me the warm fuzzies inside. :D So as a treat for you all, I made up a 100-random-icon set.

So I haven't been on here for a while. In between then and now I've looked over some of my icons, and saw how, well, compressed photobucket turned them and that just annoyed me and made me lose motivation for any icon at all. >> But I started giving it a whirl again, and thought of changing the style from one-pixel border to... borderless!

You may have seen some of these before already from the other random base sets... worry not, for I am re-doing the random sets. In PNG format, even, so the pictures remain crisp and clear.

Let me know if you prefer borderless or one-pixel border. Well, let me know any sort of feedback on these! :D

Images are from Gettyimages or Agefotostock. Just credit me for icon #88 because that was from a photograph taken by myself. :)

Please comment with specifics! I like to know which ones are more popular, so I make more of those.


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Everything on my dinner plate

I'm bursting with ideas when I really should be doing other things, but hey, that's the power that procrastination has over you!

So I'm trying to write down all the ideas and projects and to-dos just so I can get a feel of how much I want to do and when. Also, it's helpful that you know what's coming up as well. And finally, if you have better ideas for me to consider, I'd so appreciate some as well.

One of the ideas I've listed is "definitions". Usually I just pick any bunch of words that I like. But if there are specific ones you'd love to see, just comment and let me know! :D

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A little late on this but...

So, uh.. remember the base meme from, oh, 2007? Well, someone finally got around to finishing that! And I know there's an interest meme that has yet to be completed too. That's next on my list. Slowly and surely, we're getting there.

Expect some other stuff soon as well, such as those challenge icons I promised a few days ago. And some Charmed icons to come too made especially for iepisode. Keep in mind, that it might be a little slow, because my summer classes have started (and learning Spanish 2 within a month is killer, I tell you.. I'm already confused over preterites).

For the meme, the total was about 180 bases on various topics. They were posted in the comments but I figured I should post one here so everyone has a chance at nabbing!

The rules imply, of course. No need for credit, but comments are love and comments of SPECIFIC icons and even bigger love. :)

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Linking-back post

I have quite a few projects to get through and I know they're going to take a while, so I figured that in order to not keep you all waiting, I'll link back to a bunch of my previous sets. I know many of my older members probably have seen these before already but I'd love for newer folks to see as well!

Comment, of course, when you take any, but please comment 1. with specifics and 2. in the original posts themselves!

NOTE: These posts are f-locked because we here having issues with hotlinkers. Just join the community (rather than just watching it) if you'd like to view them. :)


( Fake cut; bases of ambiance )


( Fake cut; spiral-concept bases )


( Fake cut; carnival mask bases )


( Fake cut; bases of scenes of tranquility )
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Uh, Wow!


I don't know who it was, but this has made me super duper happy! Thank you for the gift, whoever it was. :D

And with that, I've changed the layout now to 'magic paper' under style contest. :D Hopefully a prettier layout would bring about more activity.. from members AND me! :)

Opinions are always welcome!